Friday, August 11, 2006

Wanker of the Day

Lord Weisberg:

This is beyond thick; not only was Lieberman’s fall a consequence of his decision to make a career of attacking Democrats and enabling the Bush administration — and with a float mocking the Bush smooch following Lieberman all over Connecticut, Weisberg’s ignorance of that objection seems more than a bit daft — but when you strip away all the excess fluff, which is virtually the entire column, you’re left with the notion that Democrats are required to endorse every application of force, no matter how stupid, no matter how gravely it threatens our national security, if they want to be taken seriously on national security issues.

Weisberg will never cope rationally with any issue even peripherally involving Iraq unless he finds it within himself to forgive those who managed to identify the war as a terrible mistake a year or two or three before he did. Until then, he’ll find himself locked in the embrace of his own logic: Want to be a pundit? Put down your brain and slowly back away.