Tuesday, August 08, 2006


And the journalists are chumps:

I just talked with Eddie, and he told me that yes, turnout was very high in some places and pretty low in other places. However, he told me, there was a consistent pattern where it was very high in Lamont wards and very low in Lieberman wards. This is not surprising. We have poll watchers all over the place, and canvassers to back them up in those same wards. Lieberman, by contrast, has no one at the polls, has cancelled the rest of his public appearances today, and has invited his supporters not to volunteer, but instead to attend a party at 5pm, during peak voting. Things seem to be going well today for Ned Lamont, and Joe Lieberman is on the brink of a defeat--possibly a defeat that would surpass expectations, thereby finishing Lieberman off.

For a long time, the storyline they were going to use to justify an Independent run was low turnout. The Lieberman camp kept pushing a narrative hat they would do better with high turnout, and that they wanted to make a case to as many voters as possible. However, with turnout looking pretty good today, and with it not looking like turnout will help Lamont, not Lieberman (read Mystery Pollster for more on this), that justification for an independent run is collapsing. Now, they need something else, and have latched onto this "dirty tricks" narrative. If the storyline reads that Lieberman was robbed by evil bloggers, then he can justify running as an independent almost no mater what he loses by. The lapdog media has been more than helpful in fueling this narrative for Lieberman.

Never mind that the Lieberman website crashed the last time they had huge traffic back in June. Never mind that the Lamont campaign has offered to come help fix the problem. Never mind that the Lamont website has a Google cache link to the Lieberman website, thus allowing it to receive several times more traffic than it would have otherwise. Never mind that the Lieberman website had no interactive features or tools for supporters to use anyway. Never mind that the idea that this is even a DOS attack doesn't add up. Never mind any of this, because the lapdog press cannot stop falling all over themselves to help throw Lieberman a lifeline for a few last minute sympathy votes and a justification to run even if he loses tonight.