Thursday, August 31, 2006

Webb and Murtha for Lamont

Good deal:

RICHMOND, Va. -- Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb, for years a Republican, said Wednesday he would not hesitate to support Democrat Ned Lamont over Democrat-turned-independent Joe Lieberman in Connecticut this year.

Webb, who is challenging Republican Sen. George Allen's bid for a second term, was emphatic in backing his new party's nominee over Lieberman.

"Joe Lieberman got too close to this administration," said Webb, who bolted the GOP in part because of President Bush's decision to invade Iraq and his handling of the war since then.

Webb, a decorated Marine rifle company commander in Vietnam and author of six novels based on his combat there, served as a top military aide in the Reagan administration, including a year as Navy secretary.

Webb wrote before the 2003 invasion that an Iraq invasion would destabilize the Middle East, empower Iran and lock the United States into a long-running Vietnam-style quagmire.

But what the hell does he know. [/sarcasm]

And Murtha:

In response to one question, Murtha also said he would campaign in Connecticut for Ned Lamont if invited.