Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Cult of Centrism


“Sensible Liberalism” is basically Liebermanism. Like the man the ideology is vain, recalcitrant, unable to see when it is finished, unable to see why it is finished. Its pretense is to ‘objectivity’ and ‘even-handedness’; in actual practice, it is power-worshipping and elitist, ever willing to bite the hand that has fed it for the sake of some ‘principle’ it has pulled right out of not its own ass, but out of the ass of a wingnut — which amounts to the same thing, which is really the point. We are witnessing if not its death throes, its twilight time. And as its senile dementia becomes more intolerable, it’ll be harder and harder to resist kicking its wheelchair down the stairs once and for all. Or we can put it in a nursing home. Either way, it’s out of our home, which is a good thing, since it never was really a part of our family.