Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Joe's Blogroll


* No to Ned - An offensive, anti-Lamont blog that posted a picture of bin Laden wearing a Ned Lamont sticker - which must be what Joe’s talking about when he calls for civility in politics. Five total posts.
* Joe Lieberman in 2006 - Complains of “the anti-war left” and has three total posts. The author, Chris Arnell, also writes this blog, which is obsessed with Muslim violence (including this sickeningly titled post, “D.U.I.I. - Driving Under Islamic Influence“).
* Joe for Progress - This looks like it wants to be a blogging community. From what I can tell it has one author, two total posts, and a blogroll containing pretty much the same sites as Joe’s campaign blog - Bull Moose, Austin Centrist, Maverick Views, & Moderate Voters - as well as six news and policy sites.
* The Bull Moose - Infamous Democratic Leadership Council hack Marshall Wittman is a known commodity. Wittman has notably worked for the Christian Coalition before switching sides moving on to the DLC.
* Austin Centrist - A “non-partisan…sensible center” blog from Austin, Texas. I was hoping it was from the ill-marketed Austin, Connecticut. This blog hasn’t posted on Lieberman since the day after the primary.
* Maverick Views - A San Antonio, Texas based blog. One of the first posts is titled “Why I’m Not a Neo-Con” and is in response to his commenters accusing him of being a neo-con, which is a problem that I’ve never seen a Democratic blogger have with his audience. This blog hasn’t posted about Lieberman since the day after his primary defeat.
* Moderate Voters - Based in Southern California, this blog seems to exist solely to blockquote. It also has not posted (an article) about Lieberman in two and a half weeks.
* Blog Policy - It’s not a blog, it’s a policy.

Lieberman’s blogroll is made up entirely of blogs outside the state of Connecticut (if any are Connecticut based, they don’t advertise it). The top three have a grand total of ten posts between them and were created in the last three weeks. One is forced to wonder if the delay in launching Joe2006 v2.0 was to allow their “ringers” a chance to get up to steam (snicker).