Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not Just Good

I do agree with Tristero's take on how they came to put juvenile idiots in charge of our pet country, but it's also important to understand the fundamental pscyhological detachment of these people from reality. They were going to knock off a leader and assume control of a country, and they thought that the most important things to do were destroy the existing civil service, privatize government assets, create a modern stock market, institute a flat tax, and ensure that abortion was outlawed (Remember earlier reports that one of the young puppies in Iraq involved with crafting the constitution didn't want there to be an independent judiciary because they might make abortion legal. You can't make this stuff up.)

In short, they were sociopaths who lacked any genuine empathy for the people they were supposedly liberating and were convinced that if they'd just put into practice all the crap they'd been fed by Limbaugh and the College Republicans that they would create in Iraq the Fountain of Eternal Ponies.

For those who think that Iraq was and is The Most Important War ever, perhaps it's time to ask how the president fucked it up so badly.