Friday, September 08, 2006


Just cut the crap.

NEW YORK — ABC defended a miniseries on the events leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks after Clinton administration officials said it distorts history so drastically that it should be corrected or shelved.

"No one has seen the final version of the film, because the editing process is not yet complete, so criticisms of film specifics are premature and irresponsible," the network said in a statement Thursday.

You sent out hundreds of screeners to get advanced publicity on the project. The movie is scheduled to be shown on Sunday. And shame on all the people on cable teevee who are pretending this even makes any sense. Yes a few things could be snipped by Sunday, but that's about the extent of possible edits.

Shame on ABC. Shame on Disney. And shame on all the people who imagine we're idiots.