Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well, somebody has to say it

I'm just a b-level guest blogger so what I say can be passed off as the extreme rantings of the extreme wing of the extreme left of the extreme commie-branch of the Democratic Party. An accusation that is extremely laughable in reality.

But dammit, I'm not going to live my goddamned life afraid of those on the Osama to Cheney asshole continuum, so I'm gonna say it:

Neither party has the guts to stand up and truly inform the public on the general "ineffectiveness" and weakness of terror groups. Anyone who actually said so would have the bodies of innocent civilians thrown at their feet and the "fear" words would come in a Katrina-level deluge...

What is not needed, are needless wars and the inflating of the threat into one that can topple our nation and our government. That is something we can ONLY do to ourselves. Osama "may" aspire to it, but only we, ourselves, have the means. If this situation isn't confronted, as much as Bush and the GOP need to be replaced, the Democrats that follow them will only be better by degree, the bromides will just take a slightly more moderate phrasing and a more tolerable mode. But the cancer will remain -- keeping you shitting your pants will be the Republican method of politics, keeping you angst ridden and afraid you'll shit your pants will be the Democratic mode.

So endeth this part of the rant.