Thursday, September 28, 2006


Clark on Lamont:

Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont

In Connecticut, Ned Lamont is running the type of campaign all Democrats can be proud of. Standing up to President Bush's failed policy in Iraq, dispensing with self-serving and wishy-washy notions of "independence," and pledging to invest in America's future, Ned Lamont is a candidate for Senate who I am proud to endorse.

Of course Ned's opponent, Joe Lieberman, after refusing to abide by the results of August's Democratic primary election, has decided to do his best to drag every Connecticut Democrat's electoral prospects down with him. He continues to provide political cover to President Bush and other local Republicans despite their clearly failed policies.

By supporting Ned Lamont, you are not only helping to elect a proud Democrat to the U.S. Senate from Connecticut, but you are also helping three Democratic challengers in tough House races who are running with Ned's name at the top of the ticket.