Monday, September 04, 2006

Where Is The Last Honest Man?

I certainly won't claim that there's a way for Holy Joe to win back my love (not that I think that's especially important to him), and I also don't imagine that I'm the guy they're going to come to for campaign advice, but there's still a bit of Sensible Technocrat left in me so when presented with a question I tend to try to think of the best answer. And, hey, I'm a bit of softy. So, what should Lieberman do? Aside from dropping out, of course.

I don't know if Joe had a humanity moment or if he's just still unsure how to navigate the new political waters but I was nonetheless struck by this a little bit:

Keith also got a chance to talk to Joe briefly, and tried to hand him a "kiss" button (still for sale on EBay here, the proceeds to help Keith and Ed repay their expenses). "That’s a bunch of nonsense," said Lieberman.

Later, Joe approached Keith once again and said, "it’s very important that we stay civil."

"I agree with that, Senator, but it’s more important that we stop this war," said Keith.

Assuming for sake of discussion that maybe, just for a moment, for the first time in a long time Joe actually meant that whole "civility thing." Assume that maybe, just maybe, he doesn't want Sean Hannity being the patron saint of his campaign. Assume that maybe, just maybe, Lieberman doesn't want to win this race in debt to the Swift Boat Assholes.

Big assumptions, I know. Probably wrong. Still, this all got me thinking about what Joe really should do, whether or not his conscience is still functioning. What should he do to win the election?

I decided that he really should be the guy he keeps claiming to be. Stop talking the goddamn talk and just walk the goddamn walk. Rise above the fray. Call off the swift boat liars. Send your asshole conservative friends packing. Tell them to stay the hell out of this. Be Joe Lieberman, elder statesmen and good Democrat, instead of whining about how everyone should just respect your authoritah. Don't dream it, be it!

Would it work? I dunno. It's certainly what he should have done two months ago, and if he had he would have won the primary. My guess is that it's still his best strategy, though I don't expect them to listen to me...