Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I'm a bit less annoyed than Kos about people sending me random stuff in email, I really appreciate that people take the time to send me things they think I might find interesting. But if you're considering adding me to your "email forwards" list where you send every random thing you think is interesting out to your list of friends and family, please don't. If you're working for an organization or candidate please think twice before putting me on your spam list as I can't help but tune out most things written in press releaseease. Reach out personally instead. Most of all, if you're ever feeling the need to send me an email to ask me why I'm not writing about [insert topic here] or insist that I must write about [insert topic here] just don't. Really. People who do that get a one way ticket into my spam filter. This blog does not exist to write about or promote everything interesting or important under the sun. If you really think something important is being underaddressed by me or the world at large the tools exist for you to try to convince people that your pet thing is important. Lead, don't whine.