Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Cohort

So it seems people roughly my age and a bit older are the most Republican of all. Apologies. I'm not really surprised, though whether my take on why has much merit I'm not sure. But, FWIW:

These people came of age at the confluence of a few events. The anti-PC backlash was in full swing. People like Morton Downey, Jr. and Andrew Dice Clay were seen as rebellious figures, and of course there was the rise of Rush Limbaugh who was also seen similarly. The rise of rap and hiphop as prominent elements of pop culture, but before it had really penetrated white suburban teen culture, combined with a time of high urban crime rates led to somewhat of a racial backlash (add in fears of damaged crack baby epidemics). College campuses were getting hit with a wave of prohibitionism, which while not necessarily the fault of Democrats was generally associated with them as nanny state stuff often is. Pop culture was extraordinarily bland overall.

So, yeah, I'm not surprised.