Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sailor Servants

Crazy Curt is such a wanker:

Springfield, PA ­ In his second debate against former Navy Vice Admiral Joe Sestak, Curt Weldon’s temper got the better of him. Weldon, in his opening statement at the Springfield Country Club debate, lashed out in a tirade, taking aim at Sestak’s 31 years of Navy service. In doing so, Weldon revealed his own lack of knowledge about the Navy, and denigrated the hundreds of thousands of men and women who currently serve. Weldon also made a series of inaccurate claims throughout the debate, some of which are catalogued below.

Although the debate was limited to economic questions by its sponsor ­ the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce ­ Congressman Weldon inexplicably used his opening statement to attack Admiral Sestak and his position in the Navy, ranting: “Were you always in the admiral quarter drinking out of your wine goblets and being waited on by your sailor servants?”

“A member of the Armed Services Committee like Curt Weldon should know better than to slander the working sailor ­ officer and enlisted ­ who serves this nation in war and peace,” noted Ryan Rudominer, communications director for Joe Sestak. “In any case, the regulations on alcohol in the Navy are very clear, and are publicly available. In fact, alcoholic beverages on board any underway ship of the Department of the Navy are prohibited.”

Retired Navy Captain Bill Walsh, who now serves as Admiral Sestak’s campaign manager, had the following to say after the debate: “When Curt unleashed that one, I just couldn’t believe it. Referring to any sailor as a servant is just outrageous. It is the officers who serve their sailors ­ that is central to the Navy’s culture and always will be. If Curt’s aware of goblets being used in the U.S. Navy, he should make that known to the Secretary of the Navy as soon as possible. Perhaps the Congressman is referring to some visit he had with the Russian Navy?”