Friday, October 27, 2006


The portion of the interview they broadcast was quite decent. But you can see the whole interview here --- and listen to Katie Couric push him over and over again on the burning question of whether he manipulated his medication and ask him whether he should have re-scheduled the shoot when his symptoms were manifested as they were. And she does it while she's sitting directly across from him watching him shake like crazy. Her questions imply that it was in poor taste or manipulative as if he can magically conjure a film crew to catch him in on of the fleeting moments where he doesn't appear too symptomatic. The press seems to truly believe that it is reasonable to be suspicious of him showing symptoms of a disease that has him so severely in its clutches that if he doesn't take his medication his face becomes a frozen mask and he cannot even talk.

Well, not tears, so much as white hot anger.

I was a wee bit annoyed when Fox ran ads for Specter, thinking that it was a big picture counterproductive act, but christ it never occurred to me that anyone would go after him.

The conservative movement is sick, and I don't think there's anyone around willing to try to heal it.