Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What You Can Do

I'm not one to hector people. People are busy and don't necessarily have much money. Still, I assume you come to this blog because you care about politics and with less than one month to go it'd be great if a few more of us got up off our asses and did something. Volunteer for a local candidate. Phone bank. There are even things you can do without getting up off your ass. And, yes, give a little money. Time's running out for your money to be useful as ad buys and sign printings and whatever else can't be done instantly.

Of all the people who read this site a relatively small fraction donate money and I'm reasonably sure an even smaller faction go out into meatspace and actively volunteer. That's fine. Not everybody has the time or money or feels comfortable doing such things. Still, hopefully with a little nudge a few more of us will choose to do something.