Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Limbaugh Retrospective

Yes, we all know that Limbaugh is disgusting slime for making fun of someone with Parkinson's, and calling him a faker. It shouldn't be a surprise that someone like that is someone George W. Bush grants an interview to. So, let's spend the day going into the Limbaugh vaults for some bon mots.

In Rush Limbaugh's world, the only alternative to "white, upper middle-class yuppies" are "poor black homeless people."

From the 12/8/92 Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: (Voiceover) As you know, the mayor of Boulder, Colorado, lamented the other day that too many white, upper middle-class yuppies live there. They wanted to balance it out with lower income black people. Oh, look at that. Isn't that wonderful footage of the Old West in Colorado. You know we--look at--I want to show you what we got in the mail today.

This is a grocery bag, ladies and gentlemen, that came from Boulder, Colorado. It's from a--What's the name of the store that--Alfalfa's Supermarket. And the co-sponsor happens to be this newspaper out there, the Daily Camera, which editorialized and called me a ranting, raving lunatic or whatever. Look. You know what this bag is for? This bag is for people to donate food to the hungry in Boulder. Now I didn't think there were any hungry people in Boulder.


LIMBAUGH: I thought that was the problem--that there was--that there was not enough suffering out there and that they wanted some diversity and so forth. But here there--I wonder if the mayor out there knows about this. We thought maybe she doesn't, Leslie Durgin, so here they're suffering out there. We went out on the streets with our cameras today to ask poor black homeless people if they'd like to move to Boulder, Colorado. We explained the situation to them. We don't have time to show you all the video. We explained it to them. We told them they're wanted. We told them they love--love them out there in Boulder, wanted as many of them to go. We offered them bus tickets and all kinds of stuff. Here's what they had to say.

Your conservative movement. Your president's pal.