Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Post Bush Era*

Well, we're just about there. I imagine a couple of the presidential hopefuls might try to hitch themselves to the Bush wagon to appeal to the lizardbrain segment of the Republican party, but I imagine the political narrative will become increasingly dominated by people who want to distance themselves from the Bush era. The very unpopular Bush won't climb above 40 for any sustained period until the end. Cable news will, as it always has, continue to prop him up, but otherwise he'll just shrink and shrink and shrink as the presidential primary season becomes more central.

Hopefully we have a few more months before that heats up too much because as we know the presidential primary season is The Silliest Season of All. Not sure I'll survive it without pulling an Elvis on my teevee this time.

*Except for the little thing about him still being in charge of stuff. Bugger.