Friday, November 03, 2006

The Puke Funnel

Maybe one day brilliant sage Mark Halperin will understand the connection between his belief that Republicans are, as he claims, better at the "freak show" and his belief that "Matt Drudge rules our world." The former is true is large part because of the latter.

Something bubbles up from the fever swamps, shows up on Drudge, and soon pops up on MSNBC and CNN as a "controversy" or as unsourced reporting.

The responsible media, or at least those in the media who like to think of themselves as responsible, can't control talk radio and Drudge and Fox, but they can stop taking their cues from them and they can stop legitimizing them by running around going on their shows or having them on as guests. They can, if they want to, close off the puke funnel. They can, if they want to, take responsibility for what they choose to report on instead pretending they're just passive conduits for all this crap.