Monday, November 27, 2006

The Scary Left

I'm a bit more in agreement with Max than with Matt, though I think they're probably more in agreement than Max makes it sound.

Whatever my opinion on the merits of any particular policy, the self-defined sensible center has long shot itself in the foot by spending more time marginalizing opinions to their left while announcing loudly their willingness to embrace and negotiate those on the right. That ensures the compromise negotiated by the Sensible Technorats is way to the right. And that's when Democrats are in charge. When Republicans are in charge, they lock the Sensible Technorats out and put the right wing nutters in charge.

Having said that, as a strategic plan for getting things done instead of a rhetorical strategy ensure a monopoly on "liberal" thought in the marketplace of ideas it isn't such a bad thing. You know, you'd better drop your resistance to higher CAFE standards or Al Gore's going to be the next EPA chief. Still, it does continue to start from a position of compromise which if nothing else makes you appear to be rather weak.