Wednesday, November 22, 2006

They Write Letters

Michael Sokolove writes to Pool Boy:

Memo to Jim VandeHei: In a mere 48 hours you've gone from a guy doing an interesting thing to a guy I can't wait to see fail. Your victory lap before you've written a written a story or cashed a paycheck -- your boast that you'll be better than the New York Times and Washington Post -- your revelation that the Post came in with an "unprecedented" offer to induce you to stay but you told them to stick it -- and especially your gloating that big-name journalists have come "begging" for jobs (and the ones lucky enough to be hired will be on TV, too!) is really, uh, classless. It's bad out there if you hadn't noticed. Count your blessings on this Thanksgiving, and difficult as it may be, try not to enjoy all that groveling too much.