Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We Didn't Bury Kissinger

He got a Nobel Peace Prize and was elevated to Elder Statesman status by his media sycophants. And, no, I don't mean we should've killed Kissinger. But we should've buried Kissinger As Public Intellectual. But, the Grand Old Men of Washington loved him. They still do.

Gordon Liddy is always on my teevee. Chuck Colson is a good moral man.

We also didn't bury the Iran-Contra nuts. Richard Cohen wrote nice things about that nice Cap Weinberger who, whatever his involvement, could've at least helped put the Iran Contra nuts away.

So, we had more crazy illegal foreign policy. Another disastrous war. Hundreds of thousands killed, with Fred Hiatt cheering it on.

So, yes, we're going through it three decades later. And we'll go through it again, because the Establishment gets it wrong every time.