Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blitzer/May Flashback

Blitzer had this say about Cliff May, who has taken to posting years-old emails of indeterminate origin.

BLITZER: Well, why would Clifford May say that he knew about it?

JOHNSON: Clifford May has been wrong on a whole variety of things.


BLITZER: But he's a respected guy, Clifford May.

JOHNSON: Well, he's respected by some people. I don't respect him, because I...

BLITZER: I have known him for many years...


BLITZER: ... going back to when he was a reporter for the "New York Times."

Of course, not all that long ago May wrote:

There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The mystery is what Saddam Hussein did with them.

As for Blitzer, recently he said of Kissinger:

And, in our next hour, one of the world's wise men on international affairs comes right here, into THE SITUATION ROOM, with words of advice for President Bush.