Friday, December 29, 2006

The Grand Iranian Conspiracy

I've tried not to trouble my beautiful mind too much lately with the question which will, I think, be with us forever:

Why did we invade Iraq?

For a time I was leaning in a not-entirely-tongue-in-cheek way in the direction of thinking that it was, ultimately, a product of a massive Iranian intelligence agency operation to dupe us into doing it. Still, whatever the unknown and unknowable motives of the people who decided to take us there it is the case that if there's been a winner in all of this it has been Iran.

So, as Anonymous Liberal rightly points out,if Iran is, as His Irrelevancy says, the Great Evil lurking in the desert, then that just makes his support for the Stupidest Fucking War Ever that much more evidence of his bad judgment.

Still, he's a very serious person. Really. He is.