Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm So Excited

And I just can't hide it. From my inbox:

Dear Unity08 Community Member,
Here at Unity08, we've been working hard to keep up with all of your suggestions and are proud to announce major improvements to the Unity08 Web site and community tools — improvements you've been asking for.

We've given the site a new look — including adding the faces of those who are Unity08. We've created more space to highlight your comments and discussions, and your take on the most crucial issues facing our country.

Check out the new discussion on "Top Ten Reasons Why the Moderate Middle Matters" and the great write up of our movement on the USA Today Web site.

Our new site needs your immediate input — we need a tagline! On the homepage, you can vote for a few options or add one of your own. Over the next two weeks we'll work together to decide as a community what phrase best captures the spirit of our movement. Even more importantly, and as a direct response to community feedback, we've added some great new features to the community tools.

Create your profile. Log in and upload a picture, create your statement, and add your bio. Let your fellow Unity08 community members know more about you. If you already have a username and password to post comments, click here to update your profile (you may need to log in first). If you don't, click here to create a profile.
Threaded comments. Keep better track of the flow of a discussion and decide when you want to weigh in.
Better control your own posts. Edit and delete your prior comments and sort comments by chronological order.

The new look and improved features are just the first step in building out our online community and Web site. Next week we’ll be adding comment-level ratings and easier ways to reference and quote other people's comments. And we’re not stopping here! We have some exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks, plus a whole new edition to the Web site coming in January.

So take a minute right now and visit the new Web site. Help us with the tagline and join in the discussions. Thank you for all the great suggestions and support. Keep them coming as we all work together to bring about true democracy.

Only this mythical constituency can save our country from itself!