Sunday, December 03, 2006

I've Forgotten More Than I Know

One day I hope to get a kind person at blogger to reformat my whole blog in monthly chunks from start to finish so I can relive all the fun we've been having over the past few years. Every time I go hunting for something random in the archives I discover something which I'd forgotten. This time it was the dummied up dossier.

The government's carefully co-ordinated propaganda offensive took an embarrassing hit tonight after Downing Street was accused of plagiarism.

The target is an intelligence dossier released on Monday and heralded by none other than Colin Powell at the UN yesterday.

Channel Four News has learnt that the bulk of the nineteen page document was copied from three different articles - one written by a graduate student.

On Monday, the day before the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell addressed the UN, Downing Street published its latest paper on Iraq.

It gives the impression of being an up to the minute intelligence-based analysis - and Mr Powell was fulsome in his praise.

Published on the Number 10 web site, called "Iraq - Its Infrastructure of Concealement Deception and Intimidation", it outlines the structure of Saddam's intelligence organisations.

Here's what Powell said during the speech to the UN

I would call my colleagues attention to the fine paper that United Kingdom distributed yesterday, which describes in exquisite detail Iraqi deception activities.

Like anything which questioned the administration's narrative at the time this was underplayed in our press, captivated as they were by the spellbinding presentation of Colin Powell, even as it was being debunked almost in real time.

Ah, memories. Thanks, oh Wise Men of Washington.