Monday, December 04, 2006

Lou Dobbs' World

What Lou Dobbs' correspondent just told me:

The vast majority of Americans are adamantly opposed to anything that resembles 'amnesty.'


Quinnipac Poll, 11/13-19:

"Do you support or oppose creation of a guest worker program that would allow illegal immigrants to register for temporary legal status and employment?"

Support 65%, Oppose 32%

Currently illegal immigrants cannot apply for citizenship. If the law were changed to allow illegal immigrants to register into a guest worker program, should that program offer them the ability to work toward citizenship over a period of several years?"

Yes 69%, No 27%

Gallup Poll, 6/8-6-25:

"Which comes closest to your view about what government policy should be toward illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States? Should the government deport all illegal immigrants back to their home country, allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States in order to work but only for a limited amount of time, or allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States and become U.S. citizens but only if they meet certain requirements over a period of time?

Deport All 16%, Remain for Limited Time 17%, Remain if Meet Certain Requirements 66%

LA Times, 6/24-27:

One proposal would allow undocumented immigrants who have been living and working in the United States for a number of years, and who do not have a criminal record, to start on a path to citizenship by registering that they are in the country, paying a fine, getting fingerprinted, and learning English, among other requirements. Do you support or oppose this, or haven't you heard enough about it to say?"

Support 67%, Oppose 18%

CBS 5/16-17

"Would you favor or oppose allowing illegal immigrants who have done the following to stay and work in the United States: paid a fine, been in the U.S. for at least five years, paid any back taxes they owe, can speak English, and have no criminal record?"

Favor 77%, Oppose 19%.

Okay, I'll fix her typo:

The vast majority of people who work on the Lou Dobbs Show are adamantly opposed to anything that resembles 'amnesty.'