Monday, December 04, 2006


Pincus has an article about Democrats who were, you know, right about the war (aka the Dirty Fucking Hippie Caucus) are moving into positions of power. Most satisfying, though, is the slap he gives his own paper for non-coverage of their opposition four years ago when the opinions of Dirty Fucking Hippies were not deemed suitable for mass consumption:

The day after the House vote, The Washington Post recorded that 126 House Democrats voted against the final resolution. None was quoted giving a reason for his or her vote except for Rep. Joe Baca (Calif.), who said a military briefing had disclosed that U.S. soldiers did not have adequate protection against biological weapons.

"As a veteran, that's what hit me the hardest," he said.

Lee was described as giving a "fiery denunciation" of the administration's "rush to war," with only 14 colleagues in the House chamber to hear her. None of the reasons she gave to justify her concerns, nor those voiced by other Democratic opponents, was reported in the two Post stories about passage of the resolution that day.