Thursday, December 28, 2006


Ezra, who was there, probably has the right take on Edwards' announcement speech, at least what I saw before CNN cut away to Heidi Collins' inane babbling, and plans going forward. I'm intrigued by the campaign-as-creative-movement-building. There are people who really want to be plugged into something associated with politics but don't really have a sustained outlet for doing so and a presidential campaign which tried to harness that would accomplish something. I would hope that if that is indeed Edwards' real plan that thought is given to creating something which continues after the presidential campaign, however it turns out, is over. That'll be the key difference between a movement which is all about the candidate, and a movement which is about a broader agenda.

And, I suppose this is as good a time as any for my occasional reminder as we enter the silly season. Ads appearing on this site by candidates are paid ads and do not imply any support or endorsement by me. I actually don't expect to get behind one candidate or another, though that could change, especially if suitcases filled with money appear on my doorstep. I'll try to do my best to avoid at least some of the food fight once it begins, though I'm human and have opinions and happen to write a blog about politics, so I imagine I'll get sucked in at times.

I'll definitely give my opinions about the policies candidates support and the way they try to deliver their message. And, of course, I'll be busy trying to push back against unfair media smears of any of the candidates. But, again, the fact that I praise or defend candidate X does not mean I've joined their team.