Thursday, December 14, 2006

Much Much Worse

As Greenwald argues, the "new way forward" in Iraq is very likely to make things worse. I wish we could, just this once, hold all the pundits to their Biden Shot commitments, that we would agree that, well, yes for One Last Time we're going to get Dear Leader try to salvage things and when, predictably, things get worse we agree to put the Dirty Fucking Hippies in charge. But it won't happen that way. One last shot will happen and, then, miraculously we'll have to have yet another last shot.

NPR handed over about 8 minutes to Fred Kagan this evening, without any opposing view hinted at or expressed, to advocate for a position that only 8-16% of the population support and which not even the president has yet advocated. Still, the Pundit Class knows it must continue, that Saint McCain, who last year boldly predicted that by now things would be oh so better, surely must Be Wise when he suggests it and that no matter how strong of a majority they represent, the dirty fucking hippies must not be given access to the airwaves to express their highly popular viewpoint.

Rinse, repeat, and you'll get to read this post again in a couple of F.U.s. The B.S. will never stop.