Monday, December 04, 2006

Not Going to Happen

I'd like to believe that Bush is going to declare victory and go home, and I do believe that it is possible, but that isn't going to happen unless they can create some artificial benchmark by which we can actually declare victory. It'd be bullshit, and we'd all know it was bullshit, but in order to save the fragile ego of the worst president ever we'd all go along with the charade. Or something. But I don't see how that artificial benchmark can be created. We've turned all the damn corners there are to turn. At each magical step, especially the formation of the government, they could've declared victory and started coming home. But Bush couldn't let go of his pet war. Rove couldn't let go of his pet political issue (nice math, turd blossom). So on it went. Not only did they not declare victory and start coming home, they thought "stay the course" was such a winning issue that they didn't lay the groundwork for a future declaring victory moment.

There's no way out which preserves the fragile ego of the boy king, and therefore absent immense political leadership elsewhere I fear there is no way out until he has left office.