Saturday, December 23, 2006


Regarding this, I think there are a few basic reasons. First, I think most of us are rather annoyed that vapid presidential primary talk already dominates the coverage of politics and don't wish to contribute to it (though it's easy to get sucked in). Second, WE WON! and, you know, there are opportunities to actually try to accomplish some stuff instead of having mostly pointless conversations about presidential primaries. Third, there's no clear issue/candidate like Iraq/Dean to highlight how They're Getting Everything Wrong.

All that will change eventually, especially as we get beyond the personality primary and candidates actually start to differentiate themselves on meaningful issues that Tim Russert doesn't care about, but for the moment there just isn't much point.

Meanwhile, pass the popcorn and watch the wingnuts tear each other apart. Here's an entertaining slice of online wingnut history.