Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wisdom from The Wise Old Men

Brookings Michael O'Hanlon, who seems to define the left flank of acceptable opinion on Iraq in this country, is on the local NPR show. Things I've learned:

  • 2007 is the "make or break year" during which we need "one last gasp" and "one last try"
  • He supports escalation, but only if a bunch of things which aren't going to happen do happen, but on balance he supports escalation
  • We were never able to implement the "clear, hold, and build" strategy which I know is a lie because The Last Honest Man told me he saw that it was working.
  • I turned it off, so maybe he said it, but I didn't hear what we should do if two F.U.s from now things are still FUBAR.