Thursday, January 04, 2007

Above my Station

I know that Thers managed to do it extremely well yesterday, and perhaps Echidne or Avedon will also give it a shot today. However, this "Wanker of the Day" responsibility that Atrios has taken upon himself is a far more difficult business to engage in then it appears.

It is indeed too much for a consonant-level blogger like me, a mere doughy-Midwestern boy with just a blog and a dream.

In the Washington Post today, we have George Will waving the bloody ascot and wanting to eliminate the minimum wage; we have right-wing radio chatters calling for the assassination of Democrats; we have the Bush Defenestration torturing citizens into insanity, if they haven't already been flooded into despair.

And then we have the human detritus that is Glenn Beck bloviating away with doughier than thou Bush-snuggler Mike Allen -- saying that admitting to having tried cocaine as a youth makes one a former "junkie". And then we have the general banter that passes for "light-hearted" in the repressosphere.

But I can say, in my mere guest-blogging-non-official opinion, that tomorrow's wankers are clear. The allegedly Bipartisan Comedy Team of McCain & Lieberman performing their thigh-slapping comedy routine of needlessly expanding Arlington National Cemetery and calling it V-I-C-T-O-R-Y (aka 'Triple Depresso') at AEI tomorrow.