Monday, January 01, 2007

All By Themselves

Just echoing Jane regarding the huge number of comments on Joe Lieberman's Washington Post Op-Ed, I noticed late at night when I first read it and then the following morning that it had already amassed a relatively large number of (mostly negative) comments, and I couldn't find any "big blog" that had as of that moment linked to it.

Once upon a time it took a concerted effort by whatever large liberal internet forces existed to make any kind of blip. Now these things happen without any of the big traffic generators trying to make it happen.

Whether that reflects changing public opinion overall, greater liberal saturation of the internet generally, greater willingness of people to step up and participate, or just a wider awareness by people who don't need bloggers or other major liberal websites to point them to stuff, I don't really know, but in any case it's the kind of thing which really shows how much things have changed in the years since I started fighting politics on the internets.