Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Apotheosis of Jerry

For a ceremony that is repeatedly referred to as humble, the press sure has spent the last week deifying Gerald Ford -- all without any real context besides "pardoning Nixon" was surely good as it kept the riff-raff from demanding justice. A theme amplified on Saturday by Cheney like he was lunging for a nitroglycerin tablet. It's almost as if Crash-Cart thinks he'll be needing the benefit of a pardon in the future.

Tweety this morning stated (paraphrasing but not much) the following:'

"The last time I talked to President Ford he was lying down much like he is now"

He also made a remark about how hard it is for politicians like Ford to spend time with their wives, nice.


I have to say Matthews is the most bizarre narrator I've ever heard on these events. Several times this morning he has pointedly, for no reason, dissed Rosalyn Carter while in the same breath mentioning how fantastic George H.W. Bush looks. He referred to the Capitol with its "glitering dome" as "the Helmet of the Country".