Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Big Money

Bowers discusses where it's not going.

Not so infrequently I'm asked to do things, usually in DC, like talk to groups of people about how they can exploit and manipulate harness the magic powers of people like me. I do it, sometimes even paying my own way, for free in the general "we're all in this together" sense, and I can afford it so I really don't mind. Still, the assumption shouldn't be that just because someone cares about progressive politics that they're willing to do lots of stuff for free. Lots of people aren't in a decent financial situation.

Another issue is ad campaigns, the desire by interest groups and others to get support whatever their latest issue is. Nothing wrong with their desire to get free attention, but it's a bit annoying when they drop hundreds of thousands or more on traditional media ads, and don't throw some of that money at blogs.

Sure, it's great when bloggers get hired by campaigns to do stuff, but then they, you know, generally stop being bloggers.

Anyway, I guess I'm just meandering here. I don't have a solution.

damn blogger, I swear it's inserting typos into my posts.