Tuesday, January 16, 2007


How many elite pundits and editorial boards support the majority position of this country - that all troops should be removed from Iraq within a year?

Of course policy can't be left to the orthdontists instead of the Wise Old Men who have demonstrated masterful competence in recent years.

Washington, D.C.: I am somewhat surprised at the debate about the surge. In October, The Post's own polling showed that 19% of voters favored an immediate withdrawal. Yesterday, CNN reported that more than 50% want an immediate or by year's end withdrawal. Still, the politicians debate more or less, not sooner or later. Why won't the politicians follow the polls when it comes to leaving Iraq?

Shailagh Murray: Would you want a department store manager or orthodontist running the Pentagon? I don't think so. The reason that many politicians are squeamish about hard and fast goals of any kind in Iraq is that there is no simple response or solution -- it would have emerged by now. A withdrawal by year's end carries enormous, very serious implications.

As does staying for another year. As does starting the damn war in the first place.