Tuesday, January 23, 2007


jhritz at Kos transcribed MSNBC's coverage:

Even for people that have been following this case closely, the information coming out about VP Cheney will strike many people as astounding. First of all, the prosecutors made it clear that the evidence is going to show that the first person to inform Scooter Libby that Valerie Wilson was undercover at the CIA was VP Cheney. The prosecuters will also show that it was VP Cheney who directed Scooter Libby on how to handle the media inquiries on the Wilsons, on Joe Wilson's criticisms, that was a violation of protocal. In addition, prosecutors are alleging that VP Cheney himself wrote out for Scooter Libby what he should say to one of the cruicial reporters in the case and it was during that conversation with the reporter when Scooter Libby gave the confirmation to that reporter that Valerie Wilson was undercover at the CIA.

There was other information that was damaging to the Vice President concerning the State of the Union and the false claim that was made. The prosecutors say the evidence will make it clear that VP Cheney asked the Director of the CIA George Tenet to take complete responsiblity for the mistake and to make it clear that the VP and the president were not involved...

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...more, just now from MSNBC:

Also, the special prosecutor claims that Libby destroyed a note which would have showed the Vice President's early involvement in this case.