Thursday, January 04, 2007

Guest Blogging Is Hard. It's Hard Work.

Gotta be faster on the trigger finger. I was going to post on this little morsel from Patrick Healy and Ad Nags' article on Hillary, but I see Ezra beat me to it:
Mrs. Clinton has gone to great lengths to try to keep these meetings private. She and her aides have strongly asked Democrats not to report what has taken place there, from what she says to what she eats, and where (she had the lamb at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Washington, the Dover sole at the Four Seasons in New York).
As Ezra says, not at all subtle. Good for you, intrepid NY Times reporters. What a noble use of the sacred journalistic principle of anonymous sourcing. Why, without it, we wouldn't have known that the NYTimes WMD reporting was dicey, and now we are informed about Senator Clinton's dinner selections. The public interest is served! (I of course do appreciate the need for anonymous sourcing, but if it's elevated over the principle of informing the public about things that actually matter, it can be dangerous, or, as in this case, even kind of childish and snotty.)

Anyway. I don't suppose it's possible to stop the Ad Nags of the world from gushing over gossipy trivia like junior high school kids hopped up on Skittles and Mountain Dew. But what the hell will it take to make Democratic insiders stop feeding it to them? Haven't they watched the last two presidential election campaigns? Oy.