Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In our Image

You have to hand it to the Bush Administration, they've managed to oversee the creation of an Iraqi government ("government?" let's be generous) that was obviously put together to handle situations with the same level of "competence" and "integrity" as their patrons.

...a prosecutor at the trial that condemned Mr. Hussein to death, said that one of two men he had seen holding a cellphone camera aloft to make a video of Mr. Hussein’s last moments — up to and past the point where he fell through the trapdoor — was Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Mr. Maliki’s national security adviser.

But they are going to "investigate" so I am sure that the fact 'Maliki's Stephen Hadley' was going all Cellphone B. DeMille (as well as mocking Hussein and dancing around the gibbet) will have no affect on the impartiality of the inquiry.

If this guy really is the Stephen Hadley of Iraq, I figure he probably dances like Elaine Benes making things even more absurd (they took it to "11").

And just to note the nature of guest-posting, I had originally written a much more pungent post about this matter but thought I really shouldn't curse so much on another person's blog. But if cursing is what you want (and really you know it is), you can get it here.