Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Working! HOOOOORAAAY!

While some of us gaze at the mayhem in Iraq and think that's a sign things are, you know, bad, the junior senator from Arizona has a different view of things. Jon Kyl, from NPR 1/19:

There is no question there will be an increase in violence. And we should not come to believe that that increase in violence is a signal that this is not working. In fact, it's probably a signal that it is working in two ways. We have to inflict a lot more punishment on the enemy. We have to defeat the enemy there, and that's going to mean more violence. Secondly, they get a vote in this, too. And they're probably going to react very strongly with everything they have.

Fair enough. Since the strategy is working so swimmingly well can we get the hell out of there now?