Saturday, January 20, 2007


As Joe Lieberman doubles down with other peoples' lives:

Imus: "You really haven't answered, well not really, you haven't answered my question, and my question is what happens, what's plan B? What happens–"

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "Yeah."

Imus: "…When this doesn't work?"

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "Yeah."

Imus: "I know we hope and pray it does work. Of course we do."

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "Yeah"

Imus: "I hope and pray I win the lottery."

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "Yeah you do. And I hope and pray you win the lottery, too, cause you'd probably give a lot of it away."

Imus: "Give all of it away. I'd have to."

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "You probably would."

Imus: "Well, anyway, what happens when it doesn't work?"

Sen. Joe Lieberman: "Yeah, well, you know, we will then look at the situation and decide what we can do, and the alternatives are limited here. The other alternatives–the main alternative that the opponents of what the President has done are offering is to simply begin to withdraw. And the theory there is that somehow if you with– I mean some people want to withdraw because they just want to get out. They think the thing–They want to give up. They think the thing is not winnable. I'm afraid they don't agree with me that the consequences of pulling out would be a disaster for everybody, including most important, us. But some say if you begin to withdraw, then Maliki and the other Iraqis will say 'Oh, my God, they're leaving. We got to get our act together. I don't think so. I think what is more likely is that the Iraqi politicians will begin to hedge their bets, and the militias and the Al Qaeda terrorists will just hold back until the day we're gone, and then chaos will break out, and unfortunately as McCain says, we'll probably be back there in a larger war, you know, two, three, four, five years from now. I think this is our chance, so I'd guess I'd say to you in war–There's a famous old saying that war is a series of catastrophes that ends up in victory for one side, and right now I'd say this plan is the best next step we've got. Let's hope it works, pray it works, and if it doesn't, then we'll figure out what we're gonna do then."

He keeps losing:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - At least 20 American service personnel were killed in military operations Saturday in one of the deadliest days for U.S. forces since the
Iraq war began, and authorities also announced two U.S. combat deaths from the previous day.