Saturday, January 06, 2007

Painting Schools

First, I thought that's what we'd spent the last close to four years doing. Second, doesn't anyone in the administration have any creative ideas for putting unemployed Iraqis to work?

In all seriousness, of course throwing huge amounts of money at Iraqis to rebuild the country is the obvious thing to do. It was such the obvious thing to do that some of us were a bit confused when we realized they weren't doing it. Had there been a massive public works program which hired Real Live Iraqis instead of whoever the hell Halliburton was importing to do the work, and instead of painting the goddamn schools they'd managed to turn the lights on for more than a couple of hours per day there's some chance things could've worked out a bit better. My opposition to the war was never based on predictions of the disaster we have now, the scope of which is at least in part due to the fact that we have drooling imbecilic ideologues who couldn't run a lemonade stand running this thing. I'm not saying the "incompetence dodgers" have a point - the war was a horribly wrong idea for so many reasons - just that it is clear that had there not been so much incompetence things would be at least a bit better.