Friday, January 05, 2007

The Sound of Silence

Well, where I was at my undisclosed location there were no tubes or trucks for the internets, just tin cans and strings. It's probably the first time I almost entirely tuned out the blog and related for more than a day in quite some time. My lack of internet access was such that I didn't even have a chance to read this blog, so hopefully it hasn't become a haven for Prussian Blue fans or something (I'm looking at you Attatturk).

So, while tuning out, I had a chance to think about what it was like when I was tuned in... why it's always, strangely, tiring. The best comparison I could come up with is that it's as if, day to day, I'm trying to follow along with 75 simultaneous conversations and make sense of them all in realtime.

This isn't a whining post. Frankly I have the coolest "job" in the world. Still, it was nice to shut off the voices for awhile.