Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They Write Comments

Thersites writes to Joe Klein:

So Klein's criteria for whose ideas are best for the nation rest on the question, "who is most butch?"

What does Klein contribute to the public discourse? Projecting his sexualized, class-based fantasies onto the public sphere isn't so much a public service as it is a disturbing look into the psyche of a shallow, anxious man.

Klein needs a shrink, not a column.

...they write Blog Posts. Thersites writes to Joe Klein.

[F]or all the fetishization of the corner bar where people are measured by the Infallible Test of Beer Having-With, pundits like Klein become awful fucking prissy when the actual language of American bar-goers is turned upon them: then, they polish their nails with disdain about the incivility of the Rabble. Klein wants to speak for the barroom: the last thing he wants is for the barroom to speak.