Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Women's Brains, Well Drinks, and Monica's Knight

Phila very patiently explains why studies focusing upon 19th century Mormon women don't necessarily explain very much about the evolutionary reasons why women are, as he puts it, " so goddamn picky about the people they're willing to have sex with."

Amanda looks in annoyance at people whining about the Savage Injustice of women's fiendish power to get cheap drinks at nightclubs.

Watertiger wonders what's up with Richard Cohen writing curious paragraphs like this one, on Monica Lewinsky's Chances for True Love:
But she is now a woman with a master's degree from a prestigious school and is going to be 34 come July. Her clock ticks, her life ebbs. Where is the man for her? Where is the guy brave enough, strong enough, admirable enough to take her as his wife, to suffer the slings and arrows of her outrageous fortune -- to say to the world (for it would be the entire world) that he loves this woman who will always be an asterisk in American history. I hope there is such a guy out there. It would be nice. It would be fair.