Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Changing Expectations

As I always try to do when this subject comes up, let me remind people that a few years ago the idea that you could put up a personal web page and spout off about politics and people would actually come and read it on a daily basis was a pretty absurd one. You could still impress a reporter by telling them you'd gotten 20,000 hits - not in one day, but over the life of your website.

Sure, maintaining a site which manages to keep 50,000+ visits on a sutained basis takes work, innovation, or group/community, but back in the dark ages of the blogosphere no one expected that would be a realistic goal. I certainly understand that people want to attract a greater readership to their sites, but on the other hand some of those "little bloggers" actually have pretty damn impressive readership. I mean, 2000 strangers come back to your site day after day? That's pretty impressive.