Thursday, February 15, 2007

Daily Show

I'm about the 3 millionth person to make this point, but the idea that the Daily Show is a "liberal" show in the sense that conservatives mean it is ridiculous. It has a certain liberal sensibility in that it tends to skewer the self-important and powerful, and not the weak and powerless, but there are plenty of liberals and Democrats who ar self-important and powerful and who are worthy targets. Even in the recent time period when the Republicans, you know, ran everything, Jon Stewart found plenty of time to make fun of Democrats. And, yes, he even makes Hillary Clinton jokes.

The same goes for people like Keith Olbermann and Dan Froomkin, who would be quite comfortable doing their jobs and directing their critical focus on the people in charge if those people happened to be Democrats. And, honestly, if those are the biggest fattest liberals the Right can offer up to make their "liberal media" case then they've got nothing.