Friday, February 09, 2007

Does Bill Donohue Speak For You?

I'm not Catholic or Christian, so he doesn't speak for me. But he is the person our wonderful media has designated the spokesmen for American Catholicism. If you're Catholic, he does, in fact, speak for you. If that's an unhappy state of affairs, it's time to start thinking about what to do about it.

...ditto stoller. And here's what Donohue thinks of the "religious left," where he tries to collect scalps from as well.

DONOHUE: Well, Mara Vanderslice in 2004 worked for the Kerry-Edwards campaign. I found out about her background and they had to silence her. Then I got Brenda Bartella Peterson to quit or be fired because of what -- because of her background. What I'm saying is this: These people are somewhat clueless. They're somewhat naïve.
They need to find out who's working for them. You know, you've got to vet these people. You've gotto have a gatekeeper, and [inaudible] they don't have one.