Friday, February 16, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Howie Kurtz says "The liberal blogger Atrios (Duncan Black) called Malkin a racist over her views on immigration and said anyone who promotes her site 'may as well be promoting the Klan."

I doubt I've ever called Malkin a racist over her views on immigration, unless she was appealing to or invoking racism when addressing the subject. People can have a tremendous range of views on the subject of immigration without racism having anything do with it.

I call Malkin a racist because of her support for the mass arrest and detention of people, including large numbers of American citizens, based solely on their race/ethnic background, and for her association with White Nationalist promoting site

Here's the Klan post for all to see:

Judging from all the link cooties I've been sensing, the entire right wing of the blogosphere has leapt to the defense of the racist Michelle Malkin. Fascinating. There's rarely a bigot they won't defend. Here's a reminder for them all:

Just so we all understand, in the year 2004 Michelle published a book justifying an act that Ronald Reagan apologized for - the mass arrest of Japanese immigrants and Japanese-American citizens of America based on nothing other than their ethnic background. Anyone who links to her or promotes her in anyway may as well be promoting the Klan or That includes you Chris Matthews.

The publication of that book, which she did to appeal to the Little Green Snotball brigade, will be a stain on her soul for all eternity. I intend to remind the world of it at every opportunity.